ATAGO – Japan

ATAGO a leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years.

ATAGO manufactures Digital benchtop refractometers, ABBE refractometrs, digital and analog hand-held refractometers, polarimeters and salt meters.

All ATAGO models are manufactured in JAPAN.

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ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 73 years.

The history of Refractometers began with a basic model – a simple analog instrument.

Today, refractometers are highly sophisticated due to the advancement of technology and the incorporation of high precision electronics into a refractometer.


ATAGO Products:

-Digital Refrctometers RX Series

-Digital Hand-Held Refractometers

-Digital In-Line Refractometers

-Digital Salt Refractometers

-Analog Refractometers