GRAM – Denmark

Gram Commercial develops, manufactures and markets the complete BioLine range for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, operating from our administration and manufacturing facilities in Denmark.

BioLine units comply with the EN/IEC 60079-15 standard*, which covers electrical apparatus for use in Category 3, Zone 2 locations where explosive gas atmospheres may be present.

BioLine products have been assessed to ATEX requirements by TUV NORD


Controlled biostorage

Most people think a fridge is a fridge and a freezer is a freezer. Keeping things cold isn’t exactly rocket science, is it?

But in the competitive commercial world of bioscience, there can be huge investments riding on the speed, dependability and success of research work, R&D and biomedical breakthroughs. This means there’s an intense focus on fully monitored, controlled storage of the biomaterials that are crucial to such operations. In both commercial bioscience and scientific research, the window of opportunity can be exceedingly limited

and development time frames under heavy scrutiny. High-performance refrigeration and freezer equipment is therefore essential for keeping sensitive, delicate material within meticulously controlled storage parameters.

And because this biomaterial is often in very short supply as well as being inordinately expensive to acquire or develop, you have to be able to depend on your biostorage facilities – absolutely and at all times.

From better to best

Gram Commercial has therefore applied all its vast range of refrigeration and freezer know-how to providing the ultimate in meticulously controlled, highly dependable biostorage.

We design the BioLine range with all the mission-critical components and systems to exceptional specifications, and with every detail super-optimised to tackle the exceptional demands of discerning bioscience customers.

We focus on making BioLine cabinets and systems supremely reliable, so you can be sure of keeping delicate, high-value bioscience materials under perfect conditions at all times, with a minimum of effort or concern.