Medent was founded 52 years ago by Giora and Hanna Traitel, a young couple who emigrated from Argentina to build a new life in Israel.

In 1990, the second generation, Ilan and Hagai Traitel joined the company. The company’s activities were expanded into new and innovative fields of interest and trade, while maintaining the values and tradition of their parents.

Medent is divided into three main divisions:

Medent Scientific EquipmentMedent Scientific EquipmentImport & Marketing of Scientific Equipment.  Medent exclusively represents  the industry’s leading brands.  Our professional staff provides factory authorized service on all items that we sell.



Medent World Of HealthMedent World of Health – A national retail chain of stores combining a wide variety of solutions for health and comfort, to improve a person’s quality of living. The division includes; health shoes, insoles, and different orthopedic products.  Medent World of Health is the exclusive importer and representative of a line of world known health shoes, and insoles



MedMedent Hearing Solutionsent Hearing Solutions –  Importer of Hearing Aids with a national distribution network of over 25 hearing institutes.  Laboratory providing assembly, fitting, adjustment and repairs of Hearing Aids


Growth Rates:

During the past years, Medent has significantly grown; the company currently employs 110 workers.  Our sales and distributing network covers the entire State of Israel.


Sales and Service Outline:

Human resource is the most important value of our company, and the leading factor of our company’s success. We consider each and every one of our employees as a partner of the company and the family. The staff is identified professionally, trained, qualified, and connected to the primary aims and goals of our company.


Successful solutions are products of service as well as technology; experienced service that combines knowledge, and is being supported by the ability to provide effective and quick response, is the key element in the solutions we provide.

Customers above all:

The marketing philosophy of the company states that every customer should be assisted and treated with personal attention taking into account their individual needs.

Medent operates strategically with high quality products that will provide long years, satisfying solutions to its customers, while focusing on professional service.

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