SBA 458 Nemesis® Netzsch (Germany)

Thermoelectric materials should possess high working temperatures and optimized efficiency. The relative performance is described by the figure of merit (ZT). It highlights the importance of the Seebeck coefficient with respect to the performance. The SBA 458 Nemesis® allows for simultaneous measurement of the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity under indentical conditions.

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A Measurement Setup for Varied Sample Geometries
The SBA 458 Nemesis® is heralded for its unique measurement setup, which accomodates more sample geometries than usually for this technique. Measurements can be carried out at temperatures up to 800°C.
Quick Start to Measurements – Convenient Sample Change
Changing samples is accomplished quickly and easily by hand, without any tools. By using sheathed thermocouples sticking of the sample to the electrodes is avoided.
Integrated Quality Check – Outstanding Two-Heater System
The SBA 458 Nemesis® has two heavy systems that are employed in an alternating manner for each temperature step. Deviations from linearity and hysteresis due to inaccurate measurement can be immediately observed before and during the measurement.
Highly Reliable and Rugged Design – Avoiding Diffusion Problems
The thermocouples are firmly anchored and are immobilized during the measurements by a defined contact force resulting from the mass and the cold spring. Sheating of the thermocouples prevents diffusion from cementing them to the sample.
No Distance Determination Required
Since the thermocouple positions are fixed, the cumbersome process of determining their distance before each measurement is eliminated. Eliminating this potential source of error in determining electrical conductivity increases the precision and reproducibility of the results.

SBA 458 Nemesis® – Technical Specifications:
Design: Two-heater system, integrated quality check, horizontal sample arrangement
Temperature range: Room temperature to 800°C
Temperature setting range: Unlimited number of temperature steps
Thermocouples: Inconel®-sheathed type K (NiCr/NiAl), Fixed position
Sample dimensions:
?: 12.7 to 25.4 mm
Length: 12.7 to25.4 mm
Width: 2.0 to 25.4 mm
Thickness: ? 2 mm
Accuracy: Seebeck coefficient better than 10%, Electrical conductivity better than 10%
Repeatability: Seebeck coefficient better than 3%, Electrical conductivity better than 7%
Atmosphere: Reducing (max. 2% H2), inert, oxidizing
Vacuum-tightness: 10-2 mbar
Seebeck coefficient range: 10…500 ?V/K
Electrical conductivity: 5…150000 S/cm
Quality check for Seebeck measurement: Yes (before and during the measurement)