HAAKE™ Rheomex CTW 100 OS Twin Screw Extruder for the HAAKE™ PolyLab™ OS System

With a small sample amount customers can simulate production processes and produce films and profiles for further studies.



The HAAKE™ Rheomex CTW 100 OS Twin Screw Extruder can be used for a wide range of tasks in laboratories and pilot plants when used together with specially designed screws with differing geometries.

  • Continuous compounding with twin-screw extruders
  • Twin-screw laboratory extruders have a proven record in continuous compounding with feed-dosing of different additives (liquid or solid) along the extruder barrel
  • Combination of a twin-screw extruder unit with additional sensors offers the ability to measure material properties of the melt during processing
  • Twin screw extruder with intermeshing counter-rotating screws provides a positive material displacement from the hopper to the die and thus high levels of pressure
  • Conical design of twin screw compounder HAAKE Rheomex CTW 100 realizes very short dwell times and avoids dead volumes
  • Applications such as processing of thermal critical compounds, development of new PVC compounds, mixing in processing additives, blending of polymers with different viscosity are usually supported with this extruder

Typical twin-screw investigations:

  • Compounding of polymers with additives, reinforcing fibres and fillers
  • Viscosity and flow behavior of the compound
  • Extrudability and scale-up data
  • Reactive extrusion
  • Morphology of polymer and nano-composites
  • Decomposition of biopolymers

Compatible with:

Peripheral devices such as feeding systems, application-specific screws, mixer rotors or extruder downstream equipment combine different modules to a complete downsized production line for the testing or small-scale production of new materials:

  • Extrudate cooling baths
  • Take-off units
  • Blown film tower
  • Inspection systems
  • Feeders
  • Pelletizers
  • Melt pumps
  • Capillary rheometers