Melt index Tester Type PETFloW

The Melt index Tester Type PETFloW are highly precise melt index testing instruments for the measurement of the MFR (melt flow rate) in g/10 min.  and MVR (melt valume rate) in ccm/10 min. according to EN ISO 1133 method A/B, ASTM D 1238 method A/B, as well as for the determination of the IV (intrinsic value) in dl/gr.  mainly used in quality control and research labs.

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  • Modified Melt index Tester for the determination of the IV (intrinsic value) of PET-Flakes and Granules
  • Standardized test conditions!
  • Instrument incl.inert gas overlay and/or lifting device for test mass
  • Optional: PET flakes Test-Kit
  • User friendly and "all-included" Windows Software k-BASE, used for the instrument control and test evaluation
  • Temperature range up to 400C


Technical data:

Dimensions meltFlow @on
width (mm) 400
height (mm) 470
depth (mm) 450
weight (kg), approx. 31
temperature range (C) 400
resolution (K) 0, 1
Electrical data
nominal voltage (+/- 10% ) 50 Hz (V) 230
nominal power (W), approx.  1600